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Why is weight loss so expensive??

Weight loss is big business in the USA

Why is weight loss so expensive??

If you are like most of us, you’ve tried it all - you’ve spent countless dollars, hours and time trying to lose weight. After all, Americans spend $33 billion a year on weight loss programs. 🤯 Often, they don’t work, which causes us to spend more.

A study conducted by the Global Health Institute at Duke University found that the average cost per pound on popular weight loss programs was roughly $123 per pound! Why are these so high? Many times these programs use expensive brand name medications, high priced laboratory development or celebrity endorsements that drive the price sky high.

You have a lot of options with weight loss programs; commercial diet plans, over the counter supplements, fat freezing, nutritionists, personal trainers, even surgeries. I am sure you have tried (or at least heard of) many of them at this point. The cost for these can be quite high, even higher when they don’t work for you and you end up right back where you started, or worse, even heavier.

in 2021, the first GLP-1 medication was approved by the FDA in name-brand forms. This is a naturally occurring chemical. Our company has partnerships with compounding US pharmacies that produce this medication individually blended for each client. It doesn’t need a fancy label or injection system, and has been getting enough good press on television and social media that it doesn't need any new celebrity endorsements (it already has quite a few). In fact, this medicine works BETTER when it is custom blended in a licensed facility to give you individual results at the lowest price possible. That is exactly what we do here.

Our job as your partner in weight loss is to make this as easy and affordable as possible. We don’t appreciate bait and switch sales tactics that bring you in on “one low price” just to find out later that there are several hidden costs. Coupons to cover the first few months of the medication (when you will probably need it longer) don’t help either. We feel our prices are so low (compared to the other options) that we don’t have anything to hide.

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