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About Us

We know it because we use it too!

We are a local Michigan company owned and managed by real people who not only believe in this medication, but want to see others benefit from it as well.

The owner of our company is a 40 year old mother of 4 who wanted to try Semaglutide in 2022 for weight loss.  After finding out the cost of name brands ($1,800 a month!) she gave up.  Several months ago, she began to read more about the success that seemingly EVERYONE was having taking this medication and she went back to research.  She 'fell down the rabbit hole' of learning about peptide science and the possibilities for more access for every day people.  She was able to find the medication in a compounded version, but still at more than $600 a month!  Out of desperation, she tried it and in the first month lost 10 pounds.  Now she was on a mission to spread the word! 


She is now part of a partnership of independent doctors and compounding pharmacies who are working together to connect clients to these resources.  We are not a medical clinic or provider, we also do not provide medical services or advice.  Our job is simply to be the partner to connect all of the pieces together so our clients can benefit!  Thanks for choosing us!

mom weight loss body goals

"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan, not the goal."

You Totally Got This!!  We are so looking forward to seeing your success!  Thanks for choosing us as your partner!

- Sincerely, The Team at "My Weight Loss Partner"


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