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Telehealth/Out of area programs

If our offices are too far for you to travel, we offer a telehealth service for our semaglutide program that includes shipping to your location (Michigan Only)

Telehealth/Out of area programs

How it works:

1. Review all of the information and prices on our site, and chat if you have additional questions.

2. Go to our online booking page and schedule a 'telehealth enrollment' appointment.

3. Complete your paperwork. You will receive information to complete your paperwork. If you do not complete this, your appointment will be canceled.

4. Meet with our staff via telehealth, receive information and instructions on using your medication, ask additional questions.

5. Your paperwork will be sent to our partner doctors who will review and determine if you are approved. If you want to meet with the doctor, please let us know during your telehealth visit and we will arrange it.

6. Once approved, your card on file will be charged a $125 enrollment fee and $450 ($575 total) and we will order your medication, which will be shipped to you.

7. Your card on file will be charged $450 automatically every month and your medication will be shipped to your home until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel by emailing at any time We do require 21 days notice, please see the cancellation policy you signed upon enrollment.

We are happy to continue to provide you whatever additional support you need via telehealth, whether that's meeting with the doctor, weekly weigh ins, or mental health support. Let's chat about it at your telehealth visit and make a plan!

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