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Ongoing Support

We offer personalized ongoing support - all tailored to what you want and need!

Ongoing Support

We want to support you on your journey! We understand that not everyone wants/needs this, but we offer the following:

- Weekly office weigh-ins: hop online and click the ‘book now’ button to sign up for a time to pop in, say hello and weigh in. We would love to see you and celebrate your success!

- If we don’t hear from you, we are going to attempt to give you a call and/or email every few weeks. We don’t want to pester you, but we do want you to know we are here to help!

- Mental Health: Food is a really big part of our social lives and many people struggle with some of the aspects of a lessened or altered relationship with food for various reasons. If you are having difficulty with this aspect of weight loss and you want some help, send an email to our manager at and she can connect you with a licensed social worker who can help. Luckily, we have our own on staff and she is happy to help you! Depending on your level of need, there may be an additional fee for this.

She also writes our blog posts which often focus on the mental health aspect of weight loss, so visit us there for additional support!

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