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Referral Programs

Sunset Horizon

We offer referral programs for clients and businesses!

Client Referrals

As a current client, you can save money on your subscription by referring people to our programs.  This is how it works.

  • The person you refer needs to let us know that you referred them.  They can do this during the consultation and/or put the information on their enrollment forms.

  • Both you and the referral will receive a $50 credit for their subscription for their next month's subscription.  The credit will be applied to your accounts, and will automatically be applied before your next payment is made.

Important Notes:

  • This credit does not apply to the first month for either person - it can only be applied to the next month/cycle payment.  Our first month is typically already heavily discounted, and this credit cannot be combined with that discount.

  • This credit is separate from any discount you receive as part of our influencer community, any influencer referral credits only apply to the first month of your program.  

Pastel Gradient

Earn extra money as a business owner

 Sign up as a business affiliate!  You can get $50 for each referral you send us who signs up for at least two months worth of programs.  It's free and easy!

  • Send us a message below letting us know you're interested.  We will send you a form to get your contact information, where you want your payments sent, and a W-9 so we can issue a 1099 if you earn more than $600/year

  • We will stop by or send you materials to give your customers

  • After your referrals have made their payment for the second month of services, we will automatically send you a check for $50 for every client you sent us.


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