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Introducing a new way to purchase and use Semaglutide.  Now offering Semaglutide for 1 time purchase in larger doses.  Whether you are just beginning or in a maintenance program, this program can save you money over time by allowing you to purchase the medication you need on the time schedule you need it!


How long does 15mg of Semaglutide last?*


Standard dosing schedule:

Weeks 1-4 (.25mg per dose = 1mg per month)

Weeks 5-8 (.50mg per dose = 2mg per month)

Next increase: (1mg per dose = 4mg per month)

1.7mg per dose = 6.8mg per month

2.5mg per dose = 10mg per month


*This product is good for 120 days after opening

Semaglutide 15mg Vial

  • Requirements:

    1. You must schedule a brief telehealth visit upon check out in order to complete your order
    2. In order to manage your prescription, you will also be required to enroll as a member.  The membership requires a 1 time initial payment of $99 for the first month.  Additional months will be automatically charged at $19 per month and can be cancelled at any time.
    3. You must have a current, active membership in order to order medication from us.  Expired/inactive/unpaid members will be required to re-enroll at a cost of $99.
    4. Limit 3 vials per customer
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