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In-Office Process & Costs

Learn about our in-person packages here

In-Office Process & Costs

Our process:

First, you will schedule an appointment for a free in-person consultation at either our Beltline or Grandville offices.

Second, we will send some paperwork to your email. Please fill this out before your appointment, it will speed things along.

Third, you will meet with one of our office staff who will review your paperwork, verify your vitals (height, weight, blood pressure) and go over the instructions for medication

Next, if you decide to move forward, you will be charged a $125 enrollment fee (unless discounted) and your paperwork will be sent to the doctor (you can also choose to meet with the doctor via telehealth if you choose)

Finally, when the doctor approves your medication, you will be charged $399 every month to the card on file and we will order your medication.

To sum up:

Enrollment fee for 4 week program: $125
Medication: $399

Enrollment fee for 12 week program: $99
Medication $1080 (10% discount!)

Enrollment fee for 8 week program: $99
Medication: $718 (10% discount)

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